Our formula is rooted in years of research and discovery and is designed to support your body to naturally bring about an end to the internal triggers which are causing your breakouts. 


Diindolylmethane is the lesser known but most critical ingredient we use, otherwise known as DIM it will help your body expel excess androgens and find it's natural hormonal balance. 

Coconut oil powder is naturally high in Lauric acid (about 70%) which has been proven in peer reviewed scientific studies to reduce blemishes and breakouts.  

Pantothenic Acid is an ingredient found quite widely in blemish busting products. It works by increasing a substance called 'coenzyme A' which increases the metabolic breakdown of oils, including sebum. 

Zinc has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which will help to reduce redness of blemishes whilst the other ingredients work to prevent future ones. Zinc is also an important element in the formation of collagen. 

Selenium helps to reduce the inflammation of acne and research has shown that some people who suffer with acne are deficient in selenium. 

Vitamin A is an antioxidant and also increases skin cell growth to aid in the healing of lesions and scarring. 

Vitamin C whilst generally known for it's ability to boost immunity it's also a crucial vitamin for skin health, it can help to reduce redness and also boost your body's production of collagen. 

Vitamin D helps your body to promote wound healing and cell regeneration. 

Vitamin E is another excellent anti-inflammatory and also helps with cell generation, an important aspect in helping your acne to heal with minimal scarring. 

We've developed this formula over many years to treat our own acne and we've found that by focussing on all internal acne triggers we can have a 1-stop simple solution.