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Simple yet powerful.

Trying one Amazology product will make you a fan but the results from our 3-step regimen will transform you into a supporter for life.  Artfully crafted to complement each other, our facial cleanser (Fearless), eye repair gel (Reclaim) and moisturizer (Defender) will revolutionize how you see skin care and yourself.

Strength in numbers. A regimen is a systematic plan designed to improve and then maintain one’s health. Three products may seem like a lot if you are new to skin care, but each product packs more restoring benefits than an entire drugstore cosmetics aisle thanks to healing and naturally restoring ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest.

Step 1: Fearless It can be hard to trust a new face wash when so many of us have literally been burned by them in the past. Where some cleansers strip the skin, Fearless cleans, exfoliates and nourishes it. Instead of harsh chemicals and acids, our secret ingredient is Amazonian River Clay. Often seen in spa treatments and single-use masks, clay absorbs impurities into itself while healing and hydrating thanks to the fact that it is naturally rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Buriti Oil then works to revitalize and renew the texture and tone of your skin. No other cleanser will leave you feeling as refreshed and smooth as this one.

Step 2: Reclaim The area around your eyes shows the first and most noticeable signs of aging because it is the thinnest skin on our whole bodies. Reclaim works in three parts to invigorate, tighten and moisturize. Green tea and coffee seed extract banish any signs of fatigue and revive the dark and puffy skin under your eyes. An extra caffeine boost from Guaraná Powder safely tightens skin for a natural eye lift. Açaí Oil, derived from the most powerful antioxidant fruit on Earth, smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles. This eye gel is so potent and effective you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Step 3: Defender Like the name Defender suggests, this moisturizer does so much more than just hydrate. A high concentration of skin-softening emollients locks in moisture to restore elasticity and heal inflammation from within. Ginseng Root Extract stimulates collagen production and firms up the skin to reduce and then prevent future wrinkles. Sunspots are also diminished over time thanks to naturally-derived gentle yet powerful fruit extracts. This deeply moisturizing facial balm is so quick-absorbing you will never feel sticky or greasy.

Step 1: Fearless For dry to normal skin apply a nickel-size amount (or more for oily skin) of product into a recently cleaned hand and gently work into lather with warm water. Massage all over the face in a light, circular motion avoiding the eye area. Rinse well with cool water. For best results use twice daily (morning & night). If product gets into eyes, flush with cold water to rinse.

Step 2: Reclaim Apply a small amount of product along the orbital bone including the under eye and eyelid area. Let skin absorb the product for a few seconds before using moisturizer. For best results, use twice daily (morning & night).

Step 3: Defender Apply a dime-size amount (or more for dryer skin) to freshly cleansed skin and gently massage all over face and neck. For best results use twice daily (morning & night).


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