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Could Acne Mapping Get Rid Of My Acne? An Experts Guide.


What is acne mapping? 

Acne face mapping is a technique stemming from ancient medicine(s) that claim that acne breakouts on the face are triggered by different factors within your body and overall health. Could we use ancient knowledge to find the "acne on the chin meaning" which is one of the most common types of acne queried with our skin care team? Well if you have acne on your chin, face mapping implies that acne causes are a build-up of toxins in your intestines (more on the accuracy of this in just a mo).

Most maps divide the face into 10 or more different zones and claim to pinpoint what lifestyle and dietary changes you should make to avoid breakouts such as eating more fibre, drinking water or even smoking less. Here’s what some acne maps look like. But before you get totally frustrated in reading the map below, know that face mapping is not substantiated in modern science. (We will get to the facts shortly).


acne map - acne on chin meaning

So does it work? 

Whilst face mapping can provide some good overall advice for general health, such as exercising more or eating less sugar, unfortunately its effects on acne have little scientific evidence to back it, and have been regularly disproven by those who try to use it. In fact in our research we found dozens of different maps each claiming the same part of the face was caused by something different. The image above claims that acne on the cheeks are as a result of poor skin hygiene. And other articles put it down to the respiratory system. As acne sufferers ourselves we know how frustrating it can be to read anything about acne and hygiene in the same sentence. The only thing the map above can provide is confidence that acne mapping does not work. Someone needs to call BS!

We aren't going to leave it there... When we tried to use accepted online acne mapping literature to find acne causes on the forehead we found: bladder, digestion, stress, hair products, makeup, caffeine & other stimulants, liver issues, irregular sleep, poor diet, touching with unclean hands, alcohol, gallbladder issues and processed foods (BTW that's not the exhaustive list but we got bored of reading unfounded, non-science backed BS.) Perhaps when advocates of skin mapping make up their mind we might take them more seriously.

Why doesn’t face mapping work? 

Whilst face mapping provided some really helpful ideas before we knew what caused acne, now we understand it’s causes we can provide much better and more targeted advice! 

So what causes acne? 

All acne is causes by excess sebum. Sebaceous glands produce sebum, a waxy substance that keeps skin healthy but in people who suffer from acne, their bodies produce too much sebum. 

Sebaceous glands are attached to hair follicles and pores. If too much sebum is produced, it fills the hair follicle and this creates spots. White heads are the most visible form of sebum, built up within the hair follicle, but this is why most spots secrete a liquid if they burst. 

How do I actually stop acne? 

Whilst face mapping doesn’t quite meet the modern standard of curing acne, the majority of current medication unfortunately can be quite unpleasant, drying out skin and causing irritation, whilst not actually curing the root cause of acne - only targeting the symptom.

This means that acne is allowed to come back shortly after you finish the course. At POREFAVOR, we spent a long time trialling all types of acne treatments with no long-term success, but once we found out how acne was actually made, we couldn’t understand why nearly everything we had was only applied to the outer dermal layer of our skin when the acne was made within. That’s why we researched a better, natural, less harmful but more effective method of curing acne and getting rid of spots for good! Our Anti-Acne supplements are designed to balance androgen hormones and stop your body from producing new spots by getting your body to stop overproducing sebum. Stop your sebum, stop the spots. It’s that simple. Check out our bottles here:

anti acne vitamin supplement

So can face mapping give me a "acne on the chin meaning" that so much of us are looking for. Unfortunately not. 

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