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Does diet make my breakouts worse?

Most of us have copped the occasional piece of unwarranted advice, whether we are looking for treatment of back acne, facial acne, blackheads and all other types of acne, some of the most prevalent being “change your diet” and our personal favourite “stop eating dairy!”.

These unwarranted statements are not only unwelcome but also dumbfounded and completely unrealistic.

But (and it does almost pain me to say it) there is undeniably some logic in the link between food and breakout prevention.

Almost all acne causes are hormonal and specifically related to the androgen levels in our bodies - androgen hormones promote the production of sebum, so when there’s too many of them the sebum production goes into overdrive which causes breakouts.

The foods we eat can impact how our body works with and manages our hormones - eating particular foods in large enough quantities can mean we ingest enough active ingredients to have dramatic effects on how well our body can manage our hormones, which in turn will help to stop our breakouts.

But let’s be real, because that’s not the logic behind those unwarranted pieces of advice…if you were to ask the person giving it “can you explain to me why changing my diet will stop me getting spots?” we’re pretty damn confident that they’re not going to reply with “because if you were to introduce a particular few foods into your diet your body would be able to balance your androgen hormones which would, in turn, cause the production of spot-causing sebum to stop

We all already know that a healthy diet is important, and what we eat does certainly have an impact on the hormone levels in our system. But a broad “eat more healthily” statement isn’t exactly useful advice. To change our diets enough to bring about a significant enough change in hormones so as to stop future breakouts is possible, but it does require a significant change.

We’ve developed a solution for tackling acne causes at their root and the ingredients are all naturally derived. To get the same amount of active ingredients every day from your diet you would need to eat:

  • 7 heads of broccoli (I3C)
  • 5 tbsp of black pepper (Black pepper extract)
  • 4 carrots (Vitamin A)
  • 1 orange (Vitamin C)
  • 35g of sunflower seeds (Vitamin E)
  • 30 cups of mushrooms (Vitamin B5)
  • A handful of brazil nuts (selenium)
  • 8 tins of baked beans (Zinc)
  • 5 cups of brown rice (Selenium)
  • 2 coconuts (coconut powder oil).

So, whilst it is technically possible, it’s not exactly an easy thing to do, and probably not going to be an especially enjoyable culinary experience.

So the next time somebody recommends that you “improve your diet” to stop your spots, why not respond with “would you also like to eat 7 heads of broccoli a day?”

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Thank you for such detailed and simple explanation. I have to admit that I have had this said to me so many times and i didnt know how to respond but i do now. I am on the second bottle of the supplement and i have noticed the difference on my skin. I am on the phase where i do get them still but they not as aggressive and tend to settle down within a day or two. you will not believe how much it has helped me to know i was not the only one suffering and the fact that the capsules have helped so much has given me high hopes that i will eventually have my healthy skin back. Keep up with the good work and the research!


I honestly cannot explain how refreshing it is to hear this and for you to put this in plain English for us all to understand. I spent years researching the best foods to eat and had even tried to force myself to eat lamb liver in an attempt to get more vitamin A. It’s also so hard to ensure you’re being good to the environment and not eating stuff that has been shipped half way across the world! I honestly felt like I could NEVER win and it was making my head hurt. I’m now on my second pot of supplements and I honestly feel like they are helping me mentally as well – still going through a bit of purging but the overall tone of my skin has improved and I cannot wait to see the results soon, thank you so much for all your research and clear no bulls*** approach!!


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