Why does my skincare regime not work?

No matter how advanced our skincare regime is, be it 3 steps or 10, how much money we’re investing with dermatologists nor how advanced we are with our treatments from acids to lasers the breakouts just keep coming back... but why? 

It’s because we’re missing the crucial element - the root cause

The root cause is something that we often bang on about at POREFAVOR. and it's because breakouts, surprisingly, have very little, if anything, to do with our skin. That’s often a surprising thing to learn because we’re programmed to assume the complete opposite. Walk into any drug store, pharmacy, or supermarket and ask for acne/skincare and you’ll be met with a wall of topical products. 

The root cause of our breakouts is internal and almost all breakouts can be classified as hormonal. A type of hormone called an androgen can build up in our systems and this particular hormone promotes the production of sebum and sebum is what causes our skin to breakout. Therefore, to stop the sebum production which stops the onslaught of breakouts we need to keep the androgen hormones in check. 

It’s why teenagers are more likely to suffer breakouts because they have more hormones swirling around their system. Similarly, it’s why women will notice a correlation between their breakouts and their period. 

Some people’s bodies are naturally capable of maintaining a positive balance of hormones, and you can tell who they are because they don’t tend to suffer from breakouts! For those of us who’s bodies are incapable of keeping them in balance the really great news is that with the right support it’s fortunately not a difficult thing to do, and doing so can also have lots of other benefits! 

The POREFAVOR acne supplements were designed to target this root cause. People who have suffered from breakouts for years without ever seeing much improvement can see dramatic changes in just the first month because they’re finally focussing on the right area. 

supplements for hormonal acne

It has a combination of 11 ingredients that all work in synergy with one another as natural acne treatments. Indole-3-Carbinol (an extract of cruciferous vegetables!), selenium, and black pepper extract work to enable your body to reach it’s preferred hormonal balance. Vitamins A, C, and D help increase cell turnover and promote the production of collagen so to heal the top layer of your skin. Coconut Oil Powder and Vitamin B5 are antioxidants and help to flush out the already-there oil and sebum whilst killing off the acne-causing bacterias and finally Vitamin E and Zinc help to reduce inflammation and redness to improve the overall texture of the skin. 

So the next time you’re midway through a new skincare regime you’ve paid through the roof for and you start breaking out just remember; you’ve done nothing wrong and it certainly isn’t your fault - you’re not eating the wrong foods, your skin isn’t dirty and you are drinking enough water… your body’s hormones are just out of balance! 

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