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Acne treatment for adults: what causes acne in adults and how to treat acne.

There is an idea in society that acne is something only teenagers suffer from and by the time you’re an adult you should have clear skin. But as we all know, this just isn't true! Acne in adults is incredibly common, with 31.9% of women suffering from acne and 20.5% of men. If you’re reading this it’s most likely because you’re part of that group, or know someone that is. It can often be frustrating, especially when you feel like you’ve tried a million other acne treatments already, but we’re here to explain to you how fighting acne has just been looked at in the wrong way by the skin care industry when the real solution to stopping acne is to stop looking at the surface of the skin and look internal.

31.9% of women suffering from acne and 20.5% of men
treatment of adult acne


Why does the skincare industry focus on surface level treatments for acne such as face washes, serums, and face masks. Because if you treat the symptoms, then the problem keeps coming back. Put simply. You buy once, then buy, buy again.

This blog will look at what actually causes acne in adults and whether it is any different to teenage acne, examine why products to help stop acne have been focussed on the wrong thing and show you how to actually get rid of your acne for good.

What Causes Acne In Adults?

You might think that acne causes in adults are completely different to acne causes in teenagers. The idea that teenagers suffer from fluctuating hormones, causing their skin to make lots of spots is fairly well known. But as an adult looking to your own acne causes we jump to the position of hormonal acne as something that only teens suffer from, after all hormones should have calmed down by now, right?

We therefore look for other acne causes like sweat, touching your face too much, stress or a bad diet. But the answer to what's causing our acne has been in front of us the whole time. Hormones. The triggers to hormone production can be different. We will go more into that later. But the good news? If the cause is the same the acne treatment in adults and teens can be the same too.

What causes acne in adults? Hormones

acne causes in adults

If you want the full scientific breakdown on acne you can read that here. But for the essentials read on.

The presence of androgen hormones leads to an increase in the production of sebum from the sebaceous gland. Ordinarily, this would be okay and just lead to oily skin, however, a combination of sebum and keratin can form to create a plug at the follicle orifice, thus preventing the sebum from being released.

This sebum subsequently builds-up under the surface of the skin where it forms the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, notably a specific type of bacteria called P.acnes (hence why it's called acne!). The proliferation of this bacteria leads to an inflammatory response from your body and thus a pimple or inflammatory lesion is formed. (Its worth pointing out here that acne takes on many forms, whiteheads and blackheads are still acne - you can read more about them specifically here)

It’s the exact same process in both teenagers and adults. There is nothing different about your adult acne to acne when you were a teenager - it’s all about getting your androgen hormones under control. Balancing your androgen hormones as an adult stops the increased production of sebum and therefore stops your spots! 

What triggers hormone changes in adults?

So if hormone fluctuations cause acne. What causes hormonal changes? The obvious stages are pregnancy, going on or coming off the pill, pre-menopause and menopause. Thereafter. when we start to look at environmental factors, the science gets a little sketchy. Experts suggest that stress, and exercise, may also influence hormone levels but studies have a long way to go. And for those that want to include diet in that list we have written this blog. Spoiler alert you would need to make some extreme dietary changes to have any impact.

Anti-acne face washes and creams

Unfortunately nearly all of the focus for combatting adult acne has been on topical treatments; products or medicines that you apply to the surface of your skin. This makes sense at first glance - acne appears on the skin, so treat the skin to get rid of acne. Doing this to treat your adult acne can help a lot, products like our face wash are perfect for helping clear away that surface debris and sebum, but the problem is that if you don’t treat the underneath root cause of acne, you’ll always get spots as soon as you stop your treatment. 

Why does the skin care industry focus on the surface? More money, more money, more money. If you only treat the symptom (thats your current outbreak) then you keep coming back. If they gave you a product that actually worked long term you’d be dependent on the product and keep coming back. 

But, once you know that your adult acne is actually being caused by what is happening under the skin and not the process happening on top of it, it suddenly becomes a little weird to try treat it with acne creams instead of fixing and stopping the thing that is causing your acne in the first place.

How do I stop my acne?

So how do you actually stop your adult acne from happening for good? Sort out what is making the sebum! As we discussed, androgen hormones are the thing that is really causing your acne, so all we need to do is get these under control. Once androgen hormones are controlled, it will stop producing excess sebum and finally stop your adult acne from making new spots. 

POREFAVOR acne supplements are designed and made for balancing your androgen hormones. Balancing your androgen hormones means controlling your sebum - and once you have this under control you have your adult acne sorted! Once our customers have balanced their hormones with POREFAVOR acne supplements, they can live acne free - with healthy, balanced skin that doesn’t need constant treatments that can sometimes be damaging to skin or painful annoyances. Taking two capsules of POREFAVOR acne supplements a day for at least 3 months solves acne for the overwhelming majority of customers. We are so confident in our ability in stopping your adult acne, we even provide a 3-month money-back guarantee, so if your skin isn’t solved by our capsules, we’ll refund your empty tubs so you can buy in confidence. 

Our POREFAVOR acne supplements are the very best way to stop your adult acne for good - target the root cause of your acne, and you can stop it from ever appearing. Treat the cause, not the effect!

If you’re interested in solving your acne for good and stop needing to buy new products to try fix your acne every month, then check our our POREFAVOR acne supplement here, or if you have any questions about how you can finally solve your adult acne for good, you can email us on 

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